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Wishingwell project UK
Parenting emotionally abused and behaviour problem children

Responsible parenting courses for youth workers and young people

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Parenting Together charity
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Wishingwell project UK

Supporting emotionally abused and behaviour problem children wishing to live at home with their true family and friends


Wishingwell project UK

Our CPD accredited course, trains parents to manage post trauma behaviour and emotional problems within the family. The project provides disadvantaged parents with professional level skills and insight enabling their children to return home with continuous, on-line, rolling support from trained volunteers, who monitor and try to minimise the need for state intervention.

Responsible parenting course

The “perpetual cycle of abuse” begins with fatherless children having no direction or inspiration to seek a stable lifetime relationship bonded in love. The happiness and joy of a family begins with parental responsibilities, mutual respect, and personal accountability. We aim to inspire young people, engaging them with positive role models; to raise their ambitions and dreams to become loving, devoted, responsible parents


Safety and wellbeing

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